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People's Artist of the Russian Federation Alexandra Zakharova restored the portrait of her father

Mark Zakharov Portrait 22

Graffiti depicting the profile of the People's Artist of the USSR, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, Laureate of three State Prizes of Russia, Laureate of the Government of Russia Prize, Laureate of the Moscow City Prize, Full Cavalier of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, Hero of Labor of the Russian Federation, Artistic Director of the Moscow State Budgetary Institution of Culture "Moscow State Theater Lenkom", Mark Anatolyevich Zakharov appeared on the wall of the building belonging to the hotel "Pushkin" in Nastasinsky Pereulok, 5, October 1, 2019, on the day of the funeral of M.A. Zakharova.

Mark Zakharov

Young theater artists created a portrait, which, on their initiative, was immediately included in the register of protected by the state: the appeal sent by the artists to the Moscow Government was considered and supported by the city leadership as soon as possible. The director of the Lenkom Mark Zakharov theater, Mark Varshaver, provided no support, neither in the creation of the portrait, nor in its restoration.

In the summer of 2021, the management of the Pushkin Hotel informed their daughter and heiress M.A. Zakharova, People's Artist of Russia Alexandra Zakharova, that the wall of the building needs restoration. Alexandra Markovna also offered to restore the portrait.

At the initiative of Alexandra Zakharova, the image was updated and backlit.

The restoration of the portrait was carried out entirely at the expense of the actress's personal funds.

Alexandra Zakharova
Alexandra Zakharova

Alexandra Zakharova: “I am grateful to Alexei Kokorin and all the young artists who created the portrait of Mark Zakharov. He appeared on the wall of a house opposite Lenkom in that tragic autumn of 2019 - unexpectedly, suddenly, out of nowhere, overnight - and in this impulse there was so much love, soul and heart! I had and now have the feeling that my father returned, did not leave us and the theater that he created, which was his life, his and our special world.

I am grateful to Sergei Semyonovich Sobyanin, who went to meet us, and the portrait was left on the wall hotel "Pushkin", I see how many people come to take another look at this portrait. I would like to thank personally the manager of the hotel Nikita Ushakov for his support and great respect for the memory of Mark Zakharov. His portrait on the wall is now illuminated and visible in any darkness.

Almost two years have passed since my father left, and all this time he has been looking at what is happening with our theater. It seems to me that he does not like everything. But I hope that this bleak time will soon pass. "

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