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Mumiy Troll's new animation video “Time of Offense” has been released

Frame from the clip of Mumiy Troll Time of Grievances

On September 22, a new video of the Mumiy Troll group for the song “Time of Offenses” from the album “After Evil” was released. The author of the video is Athena Zhurba, a third-year student of animation and illustration at the School of Design. According to Athena, it was a student assignment and she contacted Mumiy Troll herself. There was no clear brief from the group, there was an offer to take the song from the new album. The selected composition "Time of Grievances" ideally matched the mood and timing of the director's intention of Athena. The clip shows visual metaphors from the author's personal experience - the story of inflicting pain, the birth of an offense and the subsequent forgiveness.

Working on the video was a pleasant and good experience, if before I was very worried about the plot and integrity, then here I gave myself complete freedom - working with abstraction, but at the same time relied on the plot. It was interesting to choose a technique that resembles hand printing: this overlay seemed to me a compromise, because I used to work with black and white images. My choice of the group was associated with the metaphoricity and lightness of the music, which is well intertwined with animation - I did not want to visually repeat the words, but here it was almost impossible ”, - director Athena Zhurba.

Ilya Lagutenko: “I am glad to continue our animation videography - we made clips in cooperation with both Russian and Asian animators, famous photographers and cameramen, filmed live clips at concerts. The new clip, which Athena invented and painted, is interesting, on the one hand, because it is not "narrative", does not follow the "plot" of the song, but is very figurative, filled with metaphors and even references to the history of art - I wonder if you will see in it what did I manage to count? ".

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