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International duet "Among semitones" performed by Maxim Zavidiy and singer DinaYa

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Today, on all digital platforms, a Duet composition of a singer from Moldova, a Eurovision participant, "Come on, all together!" on Russia 1, the show "Voice", the mentor "In all the Voice" and the host of HOT BOX on the Music Box Gold - Maxim Zavidiya and the winner of the New Wave, Kazakhstani performer - DinaYa, under the name "Among semitones". The song aims to unite several countries: Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, into a single musical world.

Maxim Zavidia and Dina

“I have long wanted a song in this style, and waited! I remember how I was hooked by the very first version and I just walked down the street and listened to it on repeat. Our working chat was torn in my comments). I think that "Among Halftones" in a duet with Dinah will sound in many people in playlists! This is a song that you can listen to on repeat, it is very soulful, melodic, soft! " - says Maxim about the release.

The song was first performed publicly and presented to the public at the first solo concert of Maxim Zavidiy in Moscow, which took place on August 26.

 “While still in Kazakhstan, during the pandemic, Max and I discussed the possibility of a duet, but without specifics. When the borders were opened, I flew to Moscow and learned about his solo concert. First, we agreed that I would sing my song as a guest. But we thought about it and decided that we should sing a duet. For me, this is something new, because I am more of a lyricist, but I really liked the song, and we decided that we would do it exactly ” - remembers DinaYa.

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