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Ida Galich will make the stars answer for their words in a new show on "MUZ-TV"

Star in Basque's Answer 22

On the national music TV channel "MUZ-TV" on October 15 at 20.00 the big premiere of the autumn season starts - the uncompromising interview "Star in the Answer". This is not just another tête-à-tête with a guest, but a frank show in which celebrities in front of the whole country will have to answer for their controversial and odious words spoken to the MUZ-TV camera a year, two or even several years ago.

The blogger-millionaire, singer, participant of all secular parties - Ida Galich will be the presenter. She will show the stars the channel's archival materials, which have been carefully preserved for 25 years: long-standing interviews, provocative footage from private parties, sensational statements, comments on high-profile scandals and public antics. How have stars changed over the years? What were they like at the beginning of the journey and how do they assess themselves today? Ida Galich will make celebrities nervous, laugh, cry, remember bright events from her life and career and honestly answer all questions!

Nikolay Baskov, Valeria, Stas Mikhailov, Lyubov Uspenskaya, Viktor Drobysh, Anna Semenovich, Larisa Dolina and many other popular stars who have been on stage for many years will share their revelations in the studio of the show "Star in Response".

The hero of the first issue, People's Artist of Russia, the country's main blonde, Nikolai Baskov, will exclusively tell on which forbidden business he got rich at the age of 16, comment on his attitude to alcohol and the crazy trick with setting guests on fire at a star party.

Nikolay Baskov: “At one of the parties, I fired everyone with a fire extinguisher: I burned Laime's hair, she then restored it for a long time. As Igor Krutoy says, he first saw Alla Borisovna running. I am such an unpredictable person. Sometimes I don’t know what to expect from myself ”.

The singer will also talk about his dreams, the most expensive gifts he received from women, and for the first time comment on his provocative dances at social events with married girls from show business.

Nikolay Baskov: “I adore women, I admire them. Sometimes it switches me over and suddenly once, and I am different: somehow the look changes, in the eyes there are vibrations, emotions. I do not understand what is happening to me at this moment, and where it comes from in me. "

The heroine of the next issue will be the singer Valeria. Together with Ida Galich, she will watch her interviews from the XNUMXs on the eve of the loudest divorce of that time - in these frames, the artist looks broken, driven, but continues to convince fans that everything is fine in her personal life.

Valeria: “I now look at all the videos of that time, and I don’t understand how people didn’t guess what was happening to me, the same was read in every gesture, in every look - just some unfortunate beaten creature. I couldn't even say what I think, I had to look very wise, out of this world, cold, arrogant. In this image, which was imposed on me for a long time, it was hard to exist, because I myself am not like that, I am the complete opposite of what they tried to mold out of me. "

Find out the most exclusive details firsthand and watch the stars take a hit from themselves!

Do not miss the loud premiere of the season - "The Star Is Responsible". Watch the first episode with Nikolai Baskov on October 15 at 20.00 only on MUZ-TV!

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