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Nicolò Girotti 1

In the beginning, as usual, please, tell a little about Yourself. Where are You from, what do You do, what are Your interests?

Nicolò Girotti 3

I am Nicolò Girotti, aka nbreakfast. I come from a small place in the center of Italy but I live in Milano since 2007. What do I do….what do You mean? Hard question.
For living, I work for a company, for my life, instead, I create things I like, mostly digital.
A friend of mine once said that he was a “digital bomber” and these are just “DIGITAL GRAFFITI”.
I found myself in this acceptation as well. This is a natural way.

 Tell us, please, how and when did You start to work as a designer?

 As Bruno Munari, my idol, I like to face up simple and stupid things in a kind of “essay mode”. After University I started working for a Designer (with the capital “D”) that transformed my curiosity in a method of work.

You have got a very interesting unusual style, which programs do You use and, does it take much time to create one image? Nicolò Girotti 3

It depends. I usually mix different techniques and I really love “indie software” like fceux or libcaca, thanks to people as Sam Hocevar and Jean-Yves Lamoreux. People like them, usually create beautiful software without making money out of it, just for the community and the sharing of culture. I love it.

What styles of design do You develop, what is Your main design direction?

To be honest, I really don’t know. Someone would call it Net Art but I really never asked myself what is what I do. I also hacked a version of Super Mario Bros to make another story out of it. It’s name is “Black Gay Mario Under HASCII”.
Where do You get ideas from? Please, tell us about Your sources of inspiration — are they watching the work of other designers, movies, games, music, walking around outside?
Bruno Munari is, for sure, one my favorite person/artist, his work inspired me much.
I am a really curious person and sometimes (often) I feel unfit to this world. I think my works depend to the way I look the world through my own intricacy.

Do You sell your images? Is it possible to order, for instance, a portrait, for a gift?

Nicolò Girotti 4It would be nice. I like to think that one day I will live just for my works.

Are You up to the social networks? Which one do You use most of all?

I use a lot Instagram. You can find me as @nbreakfast or by email at

What would You like to achieve in life? What are You striving for?

Dear Natalia, paraphrasing Eric Draven : “ I would like just to see the sun shining. ”

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